Choose the waxing that's right for you

    We offer quality Tea Trea wax and the Hot Wax method.
    Hot wax is perfect for small applications and those more intimate sensitive areas, but may take a little longer. This method is suitable for all types of skin sensitivity.
    Tea Tree Wax is our classic strip waxing method, great for larger areas such as legs and chest (for men).
    If in any doubt do not hesistate to call and have a chat with one of our friendly members of staff.

    Intimate waxing - The Guide

  • Bikini - Hair is removed from top and sides of the bikini area.
  • G-String - As a Bikini with further hair removal, following G-String lines.
  • Brazilian - We remove all of the hair underneath, including between buttocks if desired, leaving a small strip or triangle of hair at the front.
  • Hollywood - Removal of all hair in the intimate regions.
  • The Treatments

    Lip or Chin     7.50
    Lip & chin     10
    Underarms     9.50
    Forearms     13.50
    Back or Chest  from     21
    Half leg     16.50
    3/4 leg     18
    Full leg     24
    Bikini     13
    Half leg & Bikini     25
    G-String     16
    Half leg & G-String     28
    Brazilian     20
    Half leg & Brazilian     32
    Hollywood     27
    Half leg & Hollywood     39
    Facial Threading from     7.50
    Full leg & Bikini     28
    Full leg & G-String     33
    Full leg & Brazilian     37
    Full leg & Hollywood     44